Erabliere Raynald Paquin

Among many things, Raynald is a forestry expert.  He completed an undergraduate degree in forest engineering at the University Laval in Quebec City.  He has a Master of Science degree in forest ecology and a doctorate degree( Ph.D.) in ecophysiology from University Laval in Quebec City


Raynald has developed a team of family and friends that have made the production of pure maple products a labour of love. 


Raynald’s father Jacques taught him the love of the forest and inspired him to develop this business.  He was always there to help him whenever he could before he passed away in 2011.  His mother, Aline, was significant in her homemaking expertise and marketing to local family and friends. 


Raynald is married to Marie Coyea who completed an bachelor of science degree in forestry from the University of Toronto,  Master of Science degree in forestry from University of Alberta and a doctorate degree (Ph.D) also in ecophysiology from University Laval in Quebec City.  Marie's parents, Joan and René, have helped over the years with the distribution and marketing in Ontario.


Raynald has two daughters, Hélène and Myriam, that help out in many aspects of the business.


He has help from many dedicated friends that are as passionate about the business as he is.


Who is Raynald Paquin ?