Besides making ‘cotton candy with granulated sugar and enjoying crepes and pancakes with our delicious syrup, our daughter Hélène has learned to make the best ever  ‘Maple Crème Brulé with granulated pure maple sugar .

The “Canadian Living Cookbook” has a wonderful recipe for maple mousse. It is made using only maple syrup.  i.e. There is no other source of sugar in this recipe but maple syrup.  We recommend using 'bud sap' for an enhanced stronger maple flavour.  Bud sap is the sap that is harvested  just before bud break.  It is a much coarser tasting, nutrient loaded sap compared to the early and mid-season production. Maple mousse has become a Christmas tradition in our household.

Homemade "Maple Pop" is a kitchen delight that we enjoy all year round.  Simply add maple syrup to tap water and inject CO2 (example with 'Soda Stream'